It’s like a spa day for your face, where your pores get to party with a vacuum cleaner, a hydrating superhero, and a bunch of antioxidant buddies. It’s skincare with a side of sass and a dollop of hydration, leaving your skin feeling fresher than a cucumber wearing a face mask at a day spa. The world of beauty treatment is ever-evolving, and smooth, bright, and youthful skin is something all desire. Gone are the days when one would spend fortunes on facial creams, serums, or essences to get beautiful and flawless skin. Some adapt a regular skincare routine or go for monthly chemical peels and facials to make their skin appear perfect and beautiful. But such common facial treatments can burn your pocket, and visiting the spa can be taxation in your busy schedule.

Each session of HydraFacial involves four steps, each step designed to perform specific action using the patented device that resembles a large rolling cart with hoses and a wand with detachable heads. Unlike the traditional skin treatments, whose results vary on the skinโ€™s condition, the HydraFacial provides even and consistent results on all skin types.

The HydraFacial treatment can last between 30_60 minutes, and the beautician would perform the following steps:

Exfoliation and Cleansing

The first step of HydraFacial is cleaning the facial skin and exfoliating the dead cells. The aesthetician uses the patented HydraFacial wand to gently clean and exfoliates the facial skin to remove the dirt and sebum while opening the skin pores. The normal facewash cannot remove the dirt and sebum that accumulates around the skin pores causing blackheads.

Chemical Peel

During the second step, your beautician would change the tip of the wand of the patented device to deliver a chemical peel. The purpose of the chemical peel is to loosen the debris accumulated deep inside the skin pores. Unlike other chemical peels that leave your skin with redness and irritations, the HydraFacial chemical peel is delicate and made from a mixture of glycolic acid and salicylic, both being non-toxic.


The third step of HydraFacial is extracting the deep pore debris, dead skin cells, and blackheads for the skin pores. The aesthetician uses a strong yet painless vortex vacuum suction with the HydraFacial device.

Hydrating Serum

Dentists in Petaluma also perform HydraFacial, and the last step involves the application of a soothing hydrating and antioxidative serum on the facial skin that also contains peptides and nutrients. The final step is done to make the skin detoxify and feel rejuvenated.

Once the four basic steps of HydraFacial are completed, the aesthetician can provide additional procedures as fills or light therapy to augment the HydraFacial. The process is very gentle to let you add up more treatments in your visit to the beautician.

What Should You Expect from a HydraFacial?

One of the most significant advantages of HydraFacial is that the treatment has zero downtime. You may walk out of the spa instantly after undergoing HydraFacial feeling fresh and cleansed. HydraFacial can get rid of wrinkles and remove dead skins.

To start with, you would need about 2 to 4 HydraFacial in a month for 3 months. The frequency reduces to one HydraFacial per month once you have established better facial skin health. HydraFacial works evenly on all skin types and provides consistent results. Unlike traditional facial spas, HydraFacial provides instant results, and you can experience the bright results immediately.

The Hydrafacial is a treatment that is suitable for all skin tones and requires no downtime. โ€œMany patients report seeing visible skin refinement and an even, radiant skin tone after just one treatment,โ€

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